Brand or social media imagery. Updated interior photos. Headshots. Images for print. You name it. —


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Performed by

Joy Bythrow


30 mins - 12 hours


I will be honest; prices run the gamut for photography. It may be confusing, it may feel expensive, but I’ll cut it to you straight - it’s worth every penny. I will break this down as simply as I can:

  1. Photos of people for personal use start at $150. This includes 30 minutes of time and 10 high res photos delivered within a week to you. Prices vary as time and amount of photos increases.

  2. Photo packages for brands for social media use only start at $250. Final price depends on how many images you need. *These images are only for social media channels and cannot be printed or used in marketing materials.

  3. Photos for companies who would like to purchase full rights to images begin at $100/asset. This includes rights to print, reproduce and market with these materials.

  4. Want a more specific type of imagery and package? I’m happy to chat and more than happy to customize.


Why investing in photography is worth it —



Your brand represents you and you want to show the best version of you possible. Allowing a photographer to step in and assist you by providing beautiful imagery and a stockpile of images for you to resort back to, you always have something on hand to post, promote and share to engage your audience. Low on content? A photographer can help.



A professional headshot tells people you’re ready. You’re here. You’re prepared to take the next stop to further your career, your business and yourself. A headshot sets you apart from the crowd and makes you feel good about yourself. You are more than your image, but a good image always helps.



Eye-catching imagery creates a sense of welcome and intentionality for your viewer. It shows that you care and invest in yourself and your business. It welcomes the viewer in. When your consumer feels welcome, they are drawn to your business. An investment in your business is an investment in your client. Photography is one of those investments that goes a long way.


All photo turnaround times are 7 days. —