From interior styling for photoshoots to interior decorating for a home or business refresh, I can meet you there. —


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Joy Bythrow


1 day - 3 mos.


I charge hourly because I want transparency. I want you to spend how you are comfortable. You set the limits. From the beginning of our partnership, using my Budget Questionnaire partnered with a personalized Style Assessment, I will customize a space for you based off of your needs, preferences, and spending level.

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How the process works:



We set up a 15 minute phone consultation to get comfortable, address your needs, and assess the scope of the project. From there, I will send you a calendar link to set up a free in-home walkthrough to see the space and get an idea of our plan of attack. After our in-home meeting, you will be sent some documents on the JOY BYTHROW STUDIO process and fill in the JBS Budget Questionnaire.



Once you have completed and sent back the Budget Questionnaire, I will form a personalized Style Assessment folder for you to look through. I do not start charging until I begin creating your Style Assessment folder for you. This assessment is where I really learn about your likes and dislikes. After you complete the this step, I get to work finding the right items, paints, and finishes for your space.



Once I send you a Design Collage featuring my suggested look for your space and we agree upon a final look, we will move forward with ordering, hiring contractors, styling and staging.


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